bobcat 742 engine removal

bobcat 742 engine removal

ive pulled a lot of motors out of cars and trucks over the years but ive never worked on a bobcat, or any heavy equipment for that matter.  i was expecting it to take a day or two of part time work, so i waiting until i had time to really make some progress. 

i spent an hour or so unhooking all the wiring, hoses, linkages and motor mount bolts only to realize there was no way to reach any of the hardware that connects the motor to the pumps.

luckily the internet has some readily available service manuals for all kinds of equipment out there for the taking, and it turns out i disassembled far more than necessary to remove the engine.  bobcats mount the motor to a hefty steel skid made of 1/4″ plate resting on four rubber mounts.  i had a couple additional wires to remove and the last of the rubber isolator bolts out and the motor slid right out

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