ford industrial 1.6 liter

ford industrial 1.6 liter

so i spent the better part of a couple days researching and scouring the internet for information and parts for the motor that is in the bobcat.  as far as i could tell, it was in ford fiestas from 1971-1973 and ford pintos from 1978-1981, but that info is extremely conflicted and i had minimal confidence in its accuracy.  that didnt really matter since i couldnt find any motors or cars or any trace of a fiesta or pinto of that vintage.  I found a bare industrial block for $850 and a set of rods for $270 in orlando, all of which i felt was way higher than its real value and definitely more than i wanted to spend.

lots and lots of anecdotal evidence that these little fords like to throw rods for fun with no warning or reason, but since mine threw #4 i figured it must be an oiling issue, and i can hopefully remedy that somehow once i get a closer look.

The current plan is to try to find the missing pieces of the block, and either braze or tig them back in place, or at the very least, use some plate steel to cover the hole and reuse everything i can.  theres no sense in getting a good deal on a piece of machinery if you spend a fortune getting it usable.

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