picked up an old bobcat 742

picked up an old bobcat 742

I found a bobcat 742 on craigslist nearby, and ive always wanted one, so i went to take a look.

initial impression was very positive, overall it looked very clean and the hydraulic fluid was so clean it was barely discernible on the dipstick.  The third-party story was that it came from a farm for troubled youths, it started knocking and they kept running it til it knocked loudly then they shut it off and sold it to who i bought it from.  He planned to swap in a pinto motor(easy peasy) and roll out but gave up on the idea pretty quick.  overall it sat for about a month, and thats what it looked like to me.  if something sits too long, its best to walk away.

i decided it was worth the effort, so i took it home.


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